The consultation shop offers you the level of support you need, from large scale and multi dimensional consultation programmes to individual services such as:

Stakeholder engagement and market research

We can bring together local people in groups to discuss your consultation in detail, using the groups to explore and draw out people’s real thoughts and feelings. We have developed effective ways to work in groups with those people who are seldom heard in consultations. We have developed innovative methods for consensus building in decision making. These methods involve working with all stakeholders to seek out and develop joint solutions.

We can write the interview process and conduct interviews with stakeholders to ensure we gather large numbers of views about your plans or activities. We can do these face to face or on the phone and in very large surveys.

We can work with you to develop effective, tailored questionnaires that meet your needs and then undertake the survey for you, analyses the results and present you with a full report.

We have experienced consultation specialists and community facilitators, who can staff exhibitions and engage with members of the public to seek out their views. We can co-ordinate a series of exhibitions across your town city or region, for example, at key community or commercial centres.

This service can be provided to ensure that a seamless system is in place from venue booking to timetabling. We can also supply bespoke display equipment to support exhibitions for all types of consultations, including printed banners and pop up display stands as well as add- ons such as lighting and literature stands.

To support exhibitions we can supply the full range of design and print services for consultation activities including, consultation questionnaires, leaflets and posters as well as promotional products.

CAG are able to provide cost effective stakeholder websites to support your consultation, evaluation or community engagement programme – bespoke websites that reflect your brand and incorporate a suite of online and social network tools to encourage online participation and keep your stakeholders informed.

Developers and planners can:
  • Publish news articles, blogs and resources;
  • Post events using an online calendar;
  • Create and share event galleries;
  • Include their Twitter and Facebook feeds;
  • Create surveys;
  • Analyse responses;
  • Email stakeholders and track open rates; and
  • Manage contacts.
Stakeholders can:
  • Publish news articles, blogs and resources;
  • Share media & create blog articles;
  • Upload video, documents and image files;
  • Comment of news items and blog posts;
  • Access secure content; and
  • Participate in online forums and surveys.
Communication, social media and PR

It is important to work proactively with the press and media to promote your engagement programme and quickly respond to any negative stories. We work closely with your PR team to craft bespoke material, and if required can provide a media response service. We can also book your media advertising campaign.

Social media has now become an accepted dialogue method for most stakeholders. However, too many are not prepared for the effect this has had on our ability to deliver best practice consultation and high quality public dialogues.

  • Prepare and manage your social media engagement (during a consultation);
  • Responsible for managing risks, social media mediation and maximising participation;
  • Analysing social media responses; and
  • Preparing an integrated social media campaign

We are adept at working closely with consultation administrators, driving the creative process and developing engaging concepts that can be delivered across both print and digital media. We can produce all materials that include;

  • Leaflets;
  • Posters;
  • Press releases;
  • Letters;
  • Workshops materials; and
  • Give-aways.
Training and mentoring

We have a range of off the shelf packages that can build capacity in your organisation to consult and engagement with your stakeholders. Or we can work with you to design assess your training needs and design a bespoke solution. Current training includes;

  • An introduction to consultation and engagement;
  • An introduction to consultation and engagement for planners;
  • An introduction to consultation and engagement for developers;
  • Evaluating consultation and engagement;
  • Communication skills in consultation and engagement; and
  • Social media and engaging with your stakeholders.

Plymbridge Woods Cyclehub

CAG’s consensus building approach helped the National Trust gain planning permission for this initially controversial project.

CAG’s involvement in establishing and facilitating the Advisory Group was invaluable. It has achieved the active engagement of pro and anti groups in developing a viable alternative proposal.

- Angela Proctor, National Trust -

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